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8 Benefits of Using a Miami Real Estate Agent or Realtor® to Buy or Sell Your House

When it is time for you to buy or sell your home, you can bet that your stress level will soar due to the large amount of money on the table. If you’re not careful, a poor real estate decision can cost you a lot of money, time and disappointment.

Check out this short video entitled Why Hire a REALTOR® When Buying or Selling a Home?. In two minutes, you will see why so many buyers and sellers hire realtors and are willing to pay the substantial commission associated with their decision.

1. Realtors are experienced negotiators who can get you the best deal.

Developing excellent negotiation skills takes practice and a cool head. The Balance reports that one of the reasons realtors do a better job negotiating for you is because they aren’t emotionally involved in the same way you are. Imagine a potential buyer offering you a very low offer for your home, how would that make you feel?

After a realtor has negotiated 50, 60 or 100s of deals during their career, they know what to expect and can maneuver a real estate transaction with ease while working to get the best price and terms for you. A professional realtor who is a good negotiator can literally save or make you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. Negotiating offers is one of the main reasons you should seriously consider hiring a realtor.

2. Miami Realtors are full-time agents devoted to helping you buy or sell as quickly as possible.

Taking on the task of selling or buying a home on your own is not a decision to be made lightly. If you are holding down a job, taking care of a family and are already juggling the many tasks associated with a full life, then it will be impractical to try to take on the full-time project of selling or buying a home without a professional realtor.

Money reports the National Association of Realtor statistic that on average it takes four months to sell a home. In some of the slower markets, it can average as long as six months. When you consider the steep learning curve you will encounter as you try and quickly learn the ins and outs of real estate quickly, it is safe to assume that a professional realtor is likely to shorten the process in comparison.

3. Miami real estate agents have experience with contracts and other related real estate paperwork.

As a legal transaction, the purchase contract is an extremely important document that must be written and executed with care. One mistake on this contract can cost you a lot of money and heartache. Forbes claims that realtors who have written up many contracts understand the language and nuances of a real estate contract, making it easy for them to protect your interests.

4. Realtors in Miami are licensed professionals who must represent you fairly or risk losing their license.

Realtors are licensed by the state, essentially putting their license at risk if they misrepresent any facts or don’t act with integrity. This means they could lose their ability to continue working as a real estate agent if they don’t protect your interest as their buyer or seller. Comparatively, when you deal directly with a buyer or seller, they are capable of saying anything with little risk of a serious backlash.

5. Experienced realtors have a network of contractors and other trusted associates.

It is the rare real estate transaction that goes down without a hitch. Typically, there are home repairs, termite letters, and other loose ends that need to be managed before closing. Realtors have an army of contractors, mortgage bankers, closing agents, and other professionals on call to help you as necessary.

Granted, anybody can go online to find a professional. But when time is of the essence and you need to be able to count on them to do the job right, it is nice to use an experienced and trusted contractor or banker recommended by a realtor who has years of experience working with them.

6. Miami FL real estate agents have access to up-to-date market information from many sources.

Market conditions change quickly, sometimes from day-to-day. Interest rate spikes, new construction, and politics can get in the way and create a market that is either a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Realtors can advise you as you navigate the ins and outs of market changes based on past experiences.

We all realize that the internet is flooded with answers. The trick is wading through all of it and finding the most accurate information. Fortunately, a realtor knows where to get the best and most relevant data so that you can evaluate offers or counteroffers with real numbers obtained from trusted sources.

7. Professional realtors can help you determine the best sales price.

The sales price for a particular home is always debatable. What many sellers and buyers don’t understand is that this figure changes significantly based on how long your home is on the market and many other variables. Obtaining honest advice from a professional realtor about this sensitive and important question is critical.

Sellers who put too high a price tag on their home will usually have to wait a long time to sell. Buyers who want a deal at the expense of a seller will also be in for a wait under normal circumstances. Realtors can provide an honest perspective based on data that can help buyers and sellers move forward to reach their goals.

8. Homes Sold as For Sale By Owner Properties Get Lower Prices.

HomeLight reports that there is a bias against For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes. Real estate agents often shy away from showing FSBO homes because they understand that the seller is trying to save money on commission and may be difficult. Unfortunately, for the FSBO seller, the savings they count on rarely pans out.

HomeLight reports that the typical FSBO property sold for $210,000 or $39,000 less than the $249,000 average price tag for homes sold with the professional help of a realtor. Realtors recognize that it is far easier to negotiate with another realtor than to go head to head with an FSBO seller who is intent on saving money at all costs.


The facts are clear. The benefits of working with an experienced realtor are proven. Otherwise, the industry would have died away as soon as the internet made it easy to find homes for sale.